Child maintenance seminar series

06 March 2014

The Nuffield Foundation is hosting a series of six seminars that will bring together international experts to explore a range of key issues on the financial consequences of parental separation. 

Funded by the ESRC, the series will provide a rare opportunity to focus on international evidence as well as to engage with stakeholders from academia, voluntary organisations and government departments. The series is convened by Dr Christine Skinner from the University of York.

The seminars will help advance knowledge and understanding of the different policy approaches and challenges in dealing with the financial consequences of parental separation and family breakdown. They will also explore data sources and measurement issues to help improve comparative analysis.

The series also aims to facilitate further comparative research and scholarly activities, build capacity among international scholars working in this area and promote the newly formed International Network of Child Support Scholars (INCSS).

Register to attend

The first seminar, First principles: comparative legal frameworks and public attitudes, will take place on the 27 and 28 March 2014 at the Nuffield Foundation's office in London. 

To find out more about the seminar and to register, please visit the University of York website >>