Annual Report and Financial Statements 2010

27 June 2011

The Nuffield Foundation spent £9.6 million on its charitable activities during 2010.  

Of this, £2.4 million was spent on education projects, including grants for research and innovation and curriculum development.

A further £3.5 million was spent on grant-making for social policy projects, including our Children and Families and Law in Society Programmes. It also includes ourOpen Door Programme, which enables Trustees to fund projects outside our main interests but that meet the Foundation’s objective of improving social well-being.

Capacity building programmes accounted for £2.5 million, including over 1000 science bursaries for schools and colleges and 455 undergraduate research bursaries in science. Also included in this figure are grants made under our Africa Programme, and funding for our Oliver Bird Rheumatism Programme. We continued to make Social Science Small Grants in 2010, but closed the programme to new applications in December.

Together with the Wellcome Trust and the Medical Research Council, we continue to fund the Nuffield Council on Bioethics. The Council received £1.2 million from us in 2010.

The remainder of our expenditure in 2010 (£2.4 million) was spent on investment management and governance. The investment performance for the year was 18 per cent.

Full details on all achievements and expenditure in 2010 can be found in the Report and Financial Statements 2010.

Expenditure in 2010

Nuffield Foundation expenditure in 2010