Andrew Dilnot to chair new Commission on the Funding of Care and Support

20 July 2010

Nuffield Foundation Trustee Andrew Dilnot has been appointed chair of the new Commission on the Funding of Care and Support.

The Commission will be responsible for considering the options for a sustainable care and support system for adults. It will examine and provide recommendations on:

  • the best way to meet care and support costs as a partnership between individuals and the state;
  • how an individual’s assets are protected against the cost of care;
  • how public funding for the care and support system can be best used to meet needs;
  • how to deliver the preferred option including implementation timescales and impact on local government.

Lord Norman Warner and Dame Jo Williams have also been appointed as Commissioners. The Commission will report within a year.

Speaking on his appointment, Andrew Dilnot said:

“I am delighted to have been asked to Chair this Commission. How we best look after those who need care and support is one of the most pressing social policy challenges facing our society today. With more people living longer, we urgently need to find a fair and sustainable way to pay for the care which many of us will need.

“There are not going to be any easy answers, and I know difficult decisions will have to be made. However, I am looking forward to examining all the issues, and listening to the ideas of those who have been working on care and support over the past few years. This has been a hotly debated topic over recent months. It is now my job to consider the best way forward and offer concrete recommendations to Government.”

Andrew Dilnot CBE has been a Trustee of the Nuffield Foundation since September last year. He has been Principal of St Hugh’s College Oxford since 2002, and a Pro Vice Chancellor at Oxford since 2005. He was Director of the Institute for Fiscal Studies from 1991 to 2002.

An economist by training, Andrew is also heavily involved in the debate about the use and understanding of statistics. He was the founding presenter of BBC Radio 4’s series on mathematics and statistics, More or Less. He has been the Chairman of the Statistics Users Forum since 2009.

More information about the Commission on the Funding of Care and Support is available on its website -