Malcolm Hutchison's bursary placement

Malcolm Hutchison from Harris Academy in Dundee spent 5 weeks in the Quality, Health & Nutrition Department at the Scottish Crop Research Institute. His project was to Assess Gastro-Intestinal Stability of Phenolic Compounds and Anthocyanins in Strawberries.

The aims of the project
The aim of the project was to determine what happens to phenolic compounds during the digestion of strawberries.

How the project was carried out

Samples (chewed, pulped and juiced) were put through in-vitro digestion and analysed using phenol and anthocyanin assay, which were run through a spectrophotometer to determine the amount of each type of the compounds in the samples. Samples were also analysed in GCMS.

The conclusions reached at the end of the project
In general phenols in juice were degraded throughout digestion, which in chewed and pulped samples there was a release of phenols as well. LCMS analysis showed a novel compound to appear during gastric digestion, though attempts to isolate this failed.