Lisa Howell

Lisa spent four weeks at Royal Holloway, University of London in Summer 2008, working with Dr Mary Dengler on a project entitled 'Managing landscapes in the context of climate change: use of wild horses for sustainable governance of wetlands'.

Lisa has filmed a series of short clips that describe her bursary experience from start to finish.

Lisa's introduction

Lisa explains how she got to grips with the topics she would be working on

Lisa starts to plan how she will go about her investigations.

Every good scientific investigation needs a risk assessment - Lisa talks us through hers...

After careful planning, it's time to head off to the sanctuary to conduct investigations.

Lisa learns more about the horses from experts at the sanctuary.

After her day out investigating, Lisa heads back to the lab to analyse her results. Watch the video to see what she discovered

After four weeks of hard work, Lisa has finished her project - watch the final instalment of her video diary.