Gurjit Singh Sidhu

"My Nuffield placement has helped my work on cancer research to become recognised at Regional, National and International Level."

After completing his placement in Summer 2004, Gurjit was nominated for the 2005 BA CREST Science Fair, where he went on to win 1st prize. His prize was to represent the UK in the field of Science at the International Science and Engineering Fair in Arizona in 2005.

When he returned to the UK, the BA passed on his details to NESTA, the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts. This organisation finds individuals in the UK who have potential, and they then sponsor them for a fixed period of time. NESTA got in touch with Gurjit and said they wanted to sponsor him to carry out another project for 2 years (in any field) because his first placement had been so successful.

Gurjit is now studying an Aero Mechanical Engineering degree so he decided to carry out a project related to this at Rolls Royce. He devised a method on reducing the noise of aircraft on approach by 62% - the target was only 16%. His supervisor was very impressed with this because as he is only in the 2nd year of his degree Gurjit had never looked at jet engines before (its covered in the 5th year at his university). Rolls Royce are now using his work on the Trent XWB engine and he recieved recognition from people at Board level for this work.

NESTA have asked Gurjit to be a project mentor next year, therefore extending his sponsorship to 3 years.

Gurjit plans to have another summer internship this year, hopefully with an F1 company.