Green Biologics Ltd.

Project provider name: Green Biologics Ltd.

Where research placements take place: Green Biologics Ltd., Milton Park, Oxfordshire.


How many years has Green Biologics Ltd. offered placements to students for?  2

How is the scheme run within Green Biologics Ltd.?
The student works under the supervision of a senior scientist. He/She is given training and guidance in a variety of laboratory techniques to enable him/her to undertake experimental work which includes a self-contained project. The student participates in work which contributes useful results to company research.

What do you feel the main benefits of the scheme are?
The scheme bridges school and the workplace. The student acquires new skills that are applied in meaningful work, demonstrating the value of the scientific knowledge base learnt at school and its relevance to science in practice.

The host organisation benefits from the student placement in many ways: from a fresh outlook and intelligent questioning, to useful work contributed by a new member of the team.

Would you recommend the scheme to others?
Yes. The students have proved to be intelligent, conscientious, reliable and enthusiastic, with a mature approach to their work. If another willing pair of hands is needed for a short project at little cost to the company, and you can invest the time for training, then this scheme provides that opportunity.

The scheme is administered efficiently and students are screened before being presented to compatible host organisations. We have found the placements to be highly successful.

The Nuffield Research Placements scheme is invaluable in supporting the scientists of the future.