Government and constitution

We fund projects that scrutinise the constitution and legislative process in order to identify opportunities for reform. We are keen to encourage cross-country comparative research and the relationship of the UK with the rest of the EU.

Our work in this area has had significant impact. For example, research led by Dr Meg Russell from UCL’s Constitution Unit has led to the recent implementation of a Backbench Business Committee. The committee will have responsibility for scheduling debates in Parliament one day per week and consequently give greater power to backbench MPs. 

We have also stimulated debate within an EU context. For example, we funded a Chatham House Commission to undertake expert analysis of the UK's relationship with the EU fifty years after the Treaty of Rome. Chaired by Sir Stephen Wall, the commission made policy recommendations on a range of issues from the implications of an increasingly open market to energy security in the future.

Most of work in this area is funded via our Open Door Programme. You can find out more about this funding programme in the Apply for funding section.