Going Global - a review of international development funding

For many UK foundations, funding work in developing countries presents a dilemma. The potential benefits are great but funding internationally may appear difficult at the operational level, particularly if funding on a smaller scale.

Together with the Baring Foundation and the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, we commissioned a review of international development funding by UK trusts and foundations, to look specifically at foundations whose international funding is less than £1 million per annum. We published the findings from the review in 2007's Going Global

With other organisations in Europe and in US, including Government aid agencies, sharing this interest in the issue of foundation funding for international development, there are opportunities for discussions and possible co-operation at the international level. At the same time, the role of the newer foundations in funding international work and the increase in organisations and individuals exploring new methods for philanthropy are changing the context in which the funders in this study operate. 

2011 Update to Going Global

We have commissioned the Centre for Charitable Giving and Philanthropy (CGAP) to undertake an update of Going Global. Cathy Pharoah will lead the project, which will provide insights into current levels of international development funding, programme areas and recent policy developments. The findings will be published in Autum 2011. 



Going Global: A review of international development funding by UK trusts and foundations, New Philanthropy Capital, 2007

Download Going Global (PDF)