Family justice projects

Children and their families come into contact with the legal system in many different ways. We fund research and innovation projects designed to ensure the legal framework operates to meet their needs, particularly in relation to divorce and separation, cohabitation, contact issues and child support.

Details of individual family justice projects we have funded, including their outputs where available, can be found by clicking on the relevant link in the Our work in this area section of this page. 

Funding priorities
  • Projects that explore the pathways of cases through the public and private law systems. This includes factors affecting the length of cases and what happens prior to formal proceedings.
  • Projects that examine issues relating to outcomes, for example does what is agreed in court actually happen? And how effective are court mechanisms for enforcing outcomes?
  • Projects related to transparency and accountability, for example balancing openness of the family courts with the need for privacy.
  • Projects exploring the use of experts and the contribution expert evidence makes to decision-making.
  • Projects investigating the effectiveness of interventions designed to identify or address some of the underlying issues presenting in the family courts.
Further information

Full details about the priorities and criteria for our Law in Society funding programme, along with information about the application process is available in the apply for funding section.