Cultural analysis of administrative justice

In recent years we have seen rapid change in the organisation of public management. Various developments, sometimes captured in the notion of the 'new public management', have significantly altered the character of public administration. This presents quite a challenge for theorists of administrative justice. The values and processes which infuse new public management sit in some tension with traditional conceptions of administrative justice, particularly within legal theory.

Simon Halliday and Colin Scott undertook research to examine the extent to which the concept of administrative justice should be extended to embrace these real-world developments.

Project details



Professor Simon Halliday and Colin Scott, University of Strathclyde

Grant amount and duration


January 2008 - May 2008



'A Cultural Analysis of Administrative Justice', Halliday, S and Scott, C in Adler, M (ed) Administrative Justice in Context (Oxford: Hart Publishing, forthcoming 2010). 

A pre-publication copy of this chapter is available on the University of New South Wales website.