Children's resilience to non-supportive parenting

Although children who experience harsh, non-supportive parenting are at risk for clinically-significant problem behaviours, many such children manifest resilience.

The goal of this research is to understand how biological, psychological, and social factors interact to influence risk and resilience in a sample of school-age children divided evenly between those who experienced high versus low levels of harsh, non-supportive parenting in early childhood.

Children and their parents will be recruited from a group who participated in the National Evaluation of Sure Start when children were three years old. Information about children’s current behaviour, relationships with parents, social supports, and coping skills will be obtained during a lab visit. It is expected that specific genetic variants and adequate social supports will promote behavioural and physiological resilience to harsh, non-supportive parenting in early childhood.

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Sara Jaffee, King's College London

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January 2009 - June 2012