Cardiff Q-Step Inaugural Event - 18th September 2014

Mainstreaming Quantitative Methods – Opportunities and Challenges

With the establishment of fifteen Q-Step Centres across the UK, teaching and learning in quantitative methods has entered a new and exciting phase.  A step change in attitudes and practices is underway that will change the nature of social science teaching and also the kind of social science future graduates will do.  The first step on any journey is the most important, but also possibly the easiest.  In the next few years, the Q-Step Centres and quantitative methods teaching will face many challenges of pedagogy, resources, long term commitment and even opposition to the project itself.  The first annual Cardiff Q-Step Centre Conference will begin to focus on some of these challenges and our speakers will discuss a range of issues – some controversial, that will face us.

September 18th at Cardiff University in the Council Chamber, Main Building. This event is free, but places are limited and registration is required, please e-mail to register or visit the Cardiff Q-Step website:

Order of Proceedings (running times subject to change)

10:00 - Refreshments and registration

10:30 - Welcome and Introduction.  Professor Malcolm Williams, Director Cardiff Q-Step Centre.

10:45 -Sharon Witherspoon, Director of Nuffield Foundation, Making numbers normal: is Q-Step enough?

11:15 -Professor Patrick Sturgis, University of Southampton, Director, National Centre for Research Methods, Why should undergraduate social science students choose quantitative methods?

11:45 -Professor Mike Savage, London School of Economics, The Great British Class Survey as a methodological experiment

12:15 - Keynote Address. Professor Sir Ian Diamond, Principal of University of Aberdeen, Some challenges for Mainstreaming Quantitative Methods Teaching.

13:00 –Lunch

14:00 -Professor John MacInnes, University of Edinburgh, ESRC Strategic Advisor on Quantitative Methods Training, Theory, Faith and Evidence.

14:45- Dr Geoff Payne, Newcastle University, Clapping with One Hand? Sociology’s response to the National Strategy for Quantitative Skills Consultation.

15:30 Refreshment break

16:00 -Panel discussion

16:45-18:00 -Wine Reception