Biology and Biomedical science

César Fernández spent his summer working in the School of Pharmacy at Queen's University Belfast

Louisa Iselin spent her summer working on building a model for multidrug resistance in cancer at Imperial College London

Tom Brisk did a study on identification and investigation into the main biomarkers for rheumatoid arthritis at the University of Manchester

Charlotte Duff looked for Biomarkers for Urinary Tract Infections at Newcastle University

Sarah Sobka, UK Young Scientist of the Year 2015, completed her placement at the University of Sheffield

Bradley Mason carried out his project at the Manchester Centre for Integrative Systems Biology

Aneeta and Ameeta Kumar, UK Young Scientists of the Year 2014, spent their summer at the University of Oxford

Nisha Begum completed her research placement at Imperial College London

Shannon Brown spent the summer studying plant genetics at the John Innes Centre

Makishakini Janarajan worked on a new diagnostic test for breast cancer at The Medway School of Pharmacy

Jonathan Long did his research project at Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry

Anum Hameed worked at the University of Coventry during her Nuffield placement

Meriame Berboucha completed her placement at the Comprehensive Cancer Imaging Centre at Imperial College London. She is going on to study Physics at university

Ace McDermott spent his summer at Plymouth University Peninsula School of Medicine and Dentistry looking at diabetes in pregnancy

Hira Iqbal worked at Bradford University looking at stress in rats' brains. She enjoyed her placement so much that the following year, she went back to act as a supervisor to other Nuffield students

Susmi Suresh did her project at Cancer Research UK looking at the physical interaction points between metastatic skin cancer cells and cancer-associated fibroblasts


Jess Leighton completed her placement at the Sir Bobby Robson Cancer Trials Centre in Newcastle.  Her project was to research the use of orthostatic hypotension as an indicator for cancer-related fatigue

Fred Turner spent his summer looking at the role of genes in scarless wound healing at the University of Manchester

Emma Sharman worked at The University of Sunderland looking at developing new techniques to treat diabetes. She was awarded The Royal Society of Chemistry Prize for her work on the project

Mariam Zaidi spent her summer at the National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR). She focused on how the arterial valves form

James North explored the innate immune response, in patients with HIV, to bacterial infection.  He analysed data collected by the lab team at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

Maia Rowe-Sampson completed her placement at the Medical Research Council (MRC).  Her project was to compare the suitability of mouse embryonic stem cells and C.elegans (microscopic worms) in genetic research

Niall Briggs studied at the University of Manchester.  His project involved investigating goblet cell biology during Trichuris muris (a parasitic nematode) infection


Kirtana Vallabhaneni focused on the identification of two cell-surface proteins within pancreatic cancer cells at Liverpool NIHR Pancreas Biomedial Research Unit. Kirtana was also a winner at the Big Bang Fair

Tobi Abiola

Tobi Abiola worked on zebrafish embryo development at University College London

Hollie Clements

Hollie Clements looked at microorganisms in dry heath soils in Northern Ireland over the summer

Corey Magee

Corey Magee worked on the microbiology behind ice creams at the Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute

Senel Hazal

Senel Hazal spent her summer in the Entomology Department of the Natural History Museum learning all there is to know about flies...

Liam Roberts

Liam Roberts worked at the University of Ulster on the neurological effects of Alzheimer's disease

Katie Forbes

Katie Forbes worked at Marine Scotland on the efficiency of plankton nets.  She was selected to represent the UK at the Stockholm Junior Water Prize

Sethu Jayakumar

Sethu Jayakumar looked at biomarkers for the disease scleroderma at the Royal Free Hospital.  She exhibited her work at the Big Bang Fair

Kathryn Hutchinson

Kathryn Hutchinson worked at the Churchill Hospital in Oxford on a project looking at the radiosensitivity of tumor cells

Kate Champion

Kate Champion worked at the Babraham Institute in Cambridgeshire on a project looking at lipid signalling

Emma Hourston

Emma Hourston did her project in marine biology at the Orkney campus of Heriot-Watt University

Sam Bedford studied the behaviour of muscle stem cells and their relationship to the onset of muscle atrophy at the University of Birmingham

Rosy Halfyard spent her placement at Bio Products Laboratory in Elstree. She worked on a project to determine a method for testing the disinfectants used in production