Beyond 2000: science education for the future

Beyond 2000 is a seminal report in science education. Published in 1998, the report addresses four key questions:

  • What are the successes and failures of science education to date?
  • What science education is needed by young people today?
  • What might be the content and structure of a suitable model for a science curriculum for all young people?
  • What problems and issues would be raised by the implementation of such a curriculum, and how might these be addressed?

The report argues that the compulsory science curriculum should be designed to develop the scientific literacy of future citizens. It also recommends a separate, parallel course to prepare young people who opt for more advanced study in science.

Beyond 2000 was the output of a seminar series organised by the Nuffield Foundation. It was edited by Jonathan Osborne and Robin Millar

The recommendations of the Beyond 2000 report were one of the key drivers in the development of our suite of Twenty-First Century Science GCSE courses. The full report is available to download on the right hand side of this page.