September 9th

British public want restrictions on the use of facial recognition technology

The first national survey of public opinion on the use of facial recognition technology reveals the majority of people in the UK want companies, the government, and public bodies to limit use of the technology including by the police and in schools.

August 30th

Reversing cuts since 2009 to school spending per pupil would cost about £4.7bn in 2022–23

The IFS has published the schools chapter of its 2019 Annual Report on Education Spending in England, funded by the Nuffield Foundation. 

Main findings

  • Total school spending per pupil in England has fallen by 8% in real terms between 2009–10 and 2018–19. Reversing these cuts would cost £4.7 billion a year by 2022–23.
  • School spending per pupil has fallen fastest since 2015–16.

August 29th

Millennials in the East Midlands are earning less than people born 15 years earlier

Millennials in the North East have experienced the UK’s biggest pay growth compared to the generation before them, but those in the East Midlands are earning less than people born 15 years earlier, according to new Nuffield-funded research published today by the Resolution Foundation.

August 27th

New book introduces the power and excitement of economics to a wider audience

The CORE project has launched an updated version of their Economy, Society and Public Policy ebook in time for the new academic year.

August 2nd

Reform special guardianship to protect and support children and their carers

A call for significant changes to Special Guardianship Orders (SGOs) includes ensuring family members who might become carers have direct experience of looking after the child before the court order is made.

A new research review shows that SGOs provide children with a safe, permanent home with family members when the court decides they cannot live with their birth parents.

July 30th

What else do we need to know to effectively support the development of numeracy?

Ruth Maisey explores what further research is required to help practitioners and policy makers support the development of numeracy with a focus on the early years and primary phases of education.

New £15 million fund for ambitious research projects to change society

We are calling for applications to our new £15m Strategic Fund for ambitious, interdisciplinary research projects that will address some of the most important challenges facing UK society and the public policy agenda in the next decade.

This is a rare opportunity for researchers to develop original and challenging ideas, to work collaboratively across disciplines, and to influence social policy in a period of rapid change and uncertainty for our society.

July 18th

Use of technology in schools does not on its own improve students’ digital literacy or prepare them for the workplace

New research published today by the Nuffield Foundation finds that computer use in schools does not on its own boost digital literacy or exam results. While personal ownership of digital devices by pupils continues to grow and starts at an increasingly earlier age, there is relatively little use of digital technologies in schools beyond the study of computing itself as a subject.

July 11th

Early intervention and child development: A parenting pilot in Peterborough

A home-visiting programme that supports parents to provide a nurturing and stimulating home learning environment for their children could complement existing early years services in England.

The new IFS feasibility study funded by the Nuffield Foundation and the ESRC Impact Acceleration Account, concludes that it would be possible to implement and evaluate a new programme targeted at very young children in disadvantaged families. The report also provides a blueprint for what the programme and evaluation could look like.

Tuition fee rises mean children are less likely to aspire to go to university

The rise in university tuition fees in 2010 had an impact on whether children aged 10 to 15 in England aspired to study for A-levels or attend university, according to a new report from Royal Holloway, funded by the Nuffield Foundation.