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November 29th

Liking where we live linked to good health

Having no sense of belonging or perceiving your local community to be unfriendly could be as bad for your health as living in a ‘deprived’ neighbourhood, according to new UCL-led research.

Researchers from UCL, the University of Edinburgh and the University of Sussex found older adults who were dissatisfied about the places where they live were just as likely to report poor health as those who live in ‘deprived’ neighbourhoods.

November 27th

New review commissioned to address pressing questions about special guardianship

The Nuffield Family Justice Observatory, CoramBAAF and the Family Justice Council are to work together to address pressing questions about Special Guardianship.

November 22nd

Quality of reading materials linked to foreign language ability in young people

The quality of reading materials and approach to teaching are linked to foreign language attainment in young people, according to new Nuffield-funded research from Oxford's Department of Education. 

November 20th

Risking the unknown in hope of a cure: The ethics of patient access to experimental treatments

The Nuffield Council on Bioethics, an independent body funded by the Nuffield Foundation, Wellcome and the MRC, has today published a new briefing note highlighting the ethical issues that can arise when patients and doctors wish to use experimental treatments.

November 14th

Sir James Munby appointed Chair of the Nuffield Family Justice Observatory

The Nuffield Foundation has appointed Sir James Munby as Chair of the Nuffield Family Justice Observatory.

The Nuffield Foundation is establishing the Observatory to support the best possible decisions for children by improving the use of data and research evidence in the family justice system. Sir James, who until recently was President of the Family Division of the High Court, will oversee the Observatory’s development.  

Can 20 minutes a day of storytelling help parents boost their kids' language skills?

A new study announced today by the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) will find out if an early language teaching programme which is delivered at home for 20 minutes each day can improve young people's language and literary skills. 

November 1st

Historical skew towards the rich in education spending finally at an end

Children from poorer backgrounds now have more spent on their education than do those from better-off families, according to new Nuffield-funded research from the IFS published today.  

Children’s sibling relationships ‘at risk’ in care and adoption proceedings

The significance attached to sibling relationships in care and adoption proceedings can be routinely outweighed by other factors, according to a new report funded by the Nuffield Foundation.