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February 25th

Nuffield Early Language Intervention improves skills by up to four months

An independent evaluation of the Nuffield Early Language Intervention has found that it improves the vocabulary, grammar and listening skills of four- and five-year-olds by as much as four months. 

February 23rd

Adjusting Scotland’s block grant – the options on the table

The UK and Scottish Governments have so far failed to agree the new 'fiscal framework' that must accompany the transfer of tax and welfare powers recommended by the Smith Commission and set out in the Scotland Bill. Perhaps the biggest bone of contention is how to adjust Scotland’s block grant to reflect the associated transfer of tax revenues and welfare spending to the Scottish Government.

February 8th

IFS Green Budget says Mr Osborne is boxed in by his own rule and will have to pull off a precarious balancing act

The IFS Green Budget 2016, produced in association with ICAEW and funded by the Nuffield Foundation with analysis from Oxford Economics, is published today. This is an extract from the IFS press release. For the full release and to download the Green Budget, visit the IFS website

February 3rd

Universal credit cuts support for working families, but helps make work pay

During this parliament the government plans to replace most of the means-tested benefits system for working-age families with a single payment called universal credit (UC). A series of pre-emptive cuts means that introducing UC will in the long run reduce the generosity of the benefit system – including to working families, in a reversal of the original intention. But it will still do a lot to help make work pay for many of those who currently face the most severe disincentives.