December 7th

Nuffield Foundation grant-holder Orazio P. Attanasio awarded the 2016 Klaus J. Jacobs Research Prize

Nuffield Foundation grant-holder Orazio P. Attanasio of University College London (UCL) has been awarded the 2016 Klaus J. Jacobs Research Prize in recognition of his ground-breaking achievements in child and youth development. 

Increasing the State Pension each year by less than the triple lock would allow the government to boost long-term care and disability benefits uprating, enabling resources to be more closely targeted on the minority of pensioners with care needs

New analysis quantifying the cost to the Exchequer and identifying those who stand to gain and lose from the state pension and long-term care financing reforms has been published today by the Care and State Pension Reform (CASPeR) research team with funding from the Nuffield Foundation. 

December 5th

Family Background and University Success

Reducing socio-economic gaps in education outcomes has been at the heart of government strategy to raise social mobility for many years. Achieving higher educational qualifications enables individuals to earn more, on average, so if those from poorer backgrounds are less likely to attain these qualifications than those from richer backgrounds, then the socio-economic circumstances of parents and children will continue to be inextricably linked.

Reaction to Pearson’s decision to develop new AS and A-levels in statistics

Today, Monday 5 December 2016, the British Academy, Academy of Social Sciences, Royal Statistical Society, Nuffield Foundation and Nesta welcomed the decision made by Pearson to develop new AS and A-level specifications in statistics for teaching from September 2017.

December 1st

Study finds missed opportunities: why children in care need early education

Opportunities to narrow the achievement gap between looked after children (children in care) and their peers are being missed because too many of them do not receive good quality early education places, says research funded by the Nuffield Foundation.

November 23rd

Family Background and University Success: seminar and book launch Monday 5 December

The Nuffield Foundation and the Institute for Fiscal Studies are hosting a seminar on Monday 5 December (13.30 - 16.30) to bring together the latest quantitative evidence on the size of the socio-economic gaps in university access and success in England, and what drives them.

How well does government show its working?

The first ever review of whether the UK government is transparent about its use of evidence when developing policies finds that the public and researchers would struggle to follow the government’s reasoning, with standards of transparency varying widely between and within departments.

November 22nd

Criminal justice system deals with fewer than two per cent of detected fraudsters

Fewer than two per cent of people who are caught committing fraud are dealt with by the criminal justice system, according to a new study from the University of Portsmouth and funded by the Nuffield Foundation.

The research found only 15,696 fraud offenders were dealt with by the criminal justice system in 2014-15, with a further 162,869 if TV licence evasion was also included.

November 15th

Current levels of vegetable consumption and production pose threat to children's health

Nuffield-funded organisation the Food Foundation has published new statistics on consumption and production of vegetables that reveal a serious threat to children's health:

October 31st

Should the planned cap on liability for care costs be uniform across England?

A new briefing paper presenting data on regional variations in care costs has been published by the Care and State Pension Reform project (CASPeR) as part of a project funded by the Nuffield Foundation.