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February 28th

Changing the name of the Winter Fuel Payment would increase likelihood of investment in renewable energy technologies

Changing the name of the Winter Fuel Payment (WFP) would make recipient households more likely to invest in renewable energy technologies while still achieving the health goals of the current WFP policy, according to research published by the University of Stirling and funded by the Nuffield Foundation.

February 21st

Reforming childcare to support mothers in work

A new report published by the IPPR and funded by the Foundation explores the factors behind maternal employment in the UK, and especially the pivotal role of affordable, accessible childcare in supporting mothers who want to work, or to work more, to do so. 

February 19th

Education system failing deaf children

The British education system is neglecting the needs of deaf children, many of whom have major reading difficulties, according to new research led by academics from City University London and funded by the Nuffield Foundation.

Over half of the deaf children assessed had reading difficulties that were at least as severe as the problems faced by hearing children with dyslexia and in some cases they were more severe.

February 13th

Financial settlement on divorce

A new report funded by the Nuffield Foundation examines the process for settling financial issues on divorce, both in and out of court. It is the first study of its kind since the rollout of a new procedural pathway in 2000.

February 6th

Digital communication can help maintain access to justice in a time of austerity

Websites, telephones, video communication and other means of digital communication can, if properly used, assist in maintaining access to justice in a time of austerity, according to new research funded by the Foundation.  

February 5th

IFS Green Budget - still not halfway on planned spending cuts

Policy on business rates, pensions taxation and childcare needs clearer sense of direction

The IFS Green Budget, funded by the Nuffield Foundation and produced in collaboration with Oxford Economics, is published today.

February 4th

Democracy in Britain: Essays in honour of James Cornford

The Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR), with support from the Nuffield Foundation, has published a collection of essays in honour of James Cornford. Together, they set out a democratic reform agenda for Britain in the 21st century.