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November 26th

New resources for teaching deaf children

Specialist resources aimed at improving literacy amongst deaf children are now available online and are already proving popular with teachers.

The resources have been developed by Professor Terezinha Nunes from the University of Oxford and supported by the Nuffield Foundation and the National Deaf Children’s Society.

Learning to read and write is more difficult for deaf children because letters represent sounds and they do not make the subtle discriminations between speech-sounds required for using an alphabet.

Northern Ireland's affirmative action programme for fair employment shows success

A study by a research team from the University of Oxford has found a direct association between the programme and improvements in fair employment, both for Catholics and Protestants.

Since 1989, Northern Ireland's affirmative action programme has used legal enforcement measures that aim to ensure that both communities in Northern Ireland - Catholics and Protestants - are ensured ‘fair participation’ in employment.

November 25th

Should social workers be expected to ‘do it all’?

Social workers in England have more responsibility and a wider remit than many of their continental European counterparts, according to a new report published by the Thomas Coram Research Unit at the Institute of Education, and funded by the Nuffield Foundation.

Social workers in England have responsibility for all aspects of case management and direct contact with families, but in much of continental Europe these responsibilities are split between several different highly-trained professionals.

November 17th

Childcare funding must double to achieve high quality

Daycare Trust, the National Childcare Campaign, will this week publish ground-breaking new research supported by the Nuffield Foundation defining high quality childcare and setting out how much it will cost to fund its roll-out across England.