December 10th, 2019

Born into care: guidelines to be developed for health and social work professionals

The acute pain and stress experienced by all involved in cases where a baby is removed from their mother at birth – both family and practitioners – is shown in a rapid evidence review and a case law review published today by the Nuffield Family Justice Observatory (Nuffield FJO). 

December 6th

General Election 2019: An analysis of manifesto plans for education

Today, the Education Policy Institute (EPI) has published Nuffield-funded analysis of the education plans set out in the manifestos of the five main political parties.

December 5th

Disadvantaged students less likely to attend ‘more selective’ university courses

Up to one in four students from lower socio-economic backgrounds take courses at ‘less prestigious’ universities despite having the grades for ‘more selective’ institutions, according to UCL research.

The study, published today and funded by the Nuffield Foundation, is the most comprehensive analysis of the types of university courses students enrol in to date.

December 2nd

English Atlas of Inequality challenges assumptions of rich and poor areas

A new English Atlas of Inequality which aims to challenge misconceptions about rich and poor areas has been published.

The English Atlas of Inequality, developed by Professor Alasdair Rae and Dr Elvis Nyanzu from the University of Sheffield’s Department of Urban Studies and Planning, maps 149 commuting zones - known as Travel To Work Areas (TTWAs) - across England, showing levels of inequality within the areas.

November 25th

Four new board members appointed to Ada Lovelace Institute

The Nuffield Foundation has appointed four new members to the board of the Ada Lovelace Institute, an independent research and deliberative body with a mission to ensure data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) work for people and society.

The appointments follow an open recruitment process overseen by the Executive Chair of the Ada Lovelace Institute, Sir Alan Wilson. The new board members are:

November 12th

General Election 2019: Nuffield-funded fact checking and analysis for an informed public debate

With a month to go until the General Election it is essential that public debate is underpinned by independent, rigorous analysis and fact checking. To facilitate this, we have awarded grants to Full Fact, the IFS, NIESR, and the Education Policy Institute. 

Full Fact's General Election fact checking 

October 22nd

Mismatch in higher education report launch at the Nuffield Foundation

The Nuffield Foundation is hosting an event to launch the Mismatch in higher education report at the Nuffield Foundation on Thursday 5 December from 10:30 till 13:30. 

The seminar, chaired by Mary Curnock Cook, will summarise findings from new research, led by Dr Gill Wyness of the UCL Institute of Education about the extent of ‘match’ between student academic credentials and the course they attend, the characteristics of students more likely to mismatch, the impact of this on university and labour market outcomes.

October 8th

Government on course to break its fiscal mandate while almost matching Labour 2017 pledge on day-to-day public service spending

Ahead of the Autumn Budget, the IFS have published their Nuffield-funded Green Budget - a comprehensive and independent assessment of the state of the public finances and the key economic questions facing the government. 

October 4th

Annual report and financial statements 2018

2018 was our 75th anniversary and the first full year of our five-year strategy. In our annual report and financial statements, published today, we present the work we have undertaken towards achieving our strategic goals and publish our accounts for the year.  

October 1st

Applications open for the Nuffield Foundation Strategic Fund

Applications are now open for our £15m Strategic Fund for ambitious, interdisciplinary research projects that will address some of the most important challenges facing UK society and the public policy agenda in the next decade.

This is a rare opportunity for researchers to develop original and challenging ideas, to work collaboratively across disciplines, and to influence social policy in a period of rapid change and uncertainty for our society.