Free resources for teaching and assessment of key mathematical processes for 11-16 year olds

Nuffield AMP Practical Explorations

Nuffield Applying Mathematical Processes (AMP) activities are accessible to all secondary pupils. There are 20 activities, split into abstract investigations (below) and abstract investigations.

Teacher notes for each activity include annotated examples of pupils' work, equipment required, key mathematical features, suitability for group work, and extension opportunities.

Beach guest house (up to 2 hours) >

Simulation of a booking system for a small guesthouse. Pupils have to manage the bookings and, as far as possible, arrange to give people the accommodation they request.

Cemetery mathematics (1+ days; 1½ hours upwards for preparation) >>

Pupils experience collecting primary data from a local graveyard or cemetery and then set and test their own hypotheses.

Design a table (2-4 hours)

Pupils design a table for a group of 5 people for daily use. The table must be extendable to accommodate 8 to 10 people for some occasions.

Emergency shelter (1+ hours) >>

The task is to design an emergency shelter, using a 4m x 3m rectangular piece of tent material, to protect three people from wind and rain.

Every second counts (2+ hours) >>

Pupils explore how far away they could travel in one hour. Includes video.

Fashion entrepreneur (1-2 hours) >>

Pupils schedule jobs in a clothing workshop. There are six people in the workshop and a series of jobs to be completed in one day.

Money bags (1+ hours) >>

Pupils design a wallet or purse, and explaining the rationale underlying their design.

Reaction times (time 1+ hours) >>

Pupils have to develop and conduct an experiment to measure reaction times. They consider the reliability of their experiment and how any data collected will be analysed and presented.

School holidays (1+ hours) >>

Pupils consider what factors might affect the choice of dates for school holidays and use these to determine the holiday dates for an alternative school year.


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