Free resources for teaching and assessment of key mathematical processes for 11-16 year olds

Brief rationale for Applying Mathematical Processes

Two themes underlie the current development of the Applying Mathematical Processes (AMP) resources

  • integrating process, content and assessment in the teaching and learning of mathematics
  • recognising the critical role of formative assessment and supporting that.

With the topical content of the AMP activities being readily accessible from the pupil materials, the AMP teaching notes focus on the key processes (representing a situation mathematically, analysing, interpreting and evaluating, and communicating and reflecting) and formative assessment. We hope this will be helpful in balancing and weaving the threads of content, process and assessment.

Formative assessment The AMP activities are well suited for formative assessment as developed in Inside the Black Box and subsequent work by Paul Black and Dylan Wiliam. The AMP probing questions and feedback are for fostering ‘dialogue between pupils and a teacher [that is] thoughtful, reflective, focused to evoke and explore understanding, and conducted so that all pupils have an opportunity to think and to express their ideas’ [Inside the Black Box].

The AMP Progression Tables support the following characteristics of formative assessment [Beyond the Black Box]:

  • it involves sharing learning goals with pupils;
  • it aims to help pupils to know and to recognise the standards they are aiming for;
  • it involves pupils in self-assessment;
  • it provides feedback which leads to pupils recognising their next steps and how to take them;
  • it is underpinned by confidence that every student can improve;
  • it involves both teacher and pupils reviewing and reflecting on assessment data.

We will be delighted to hear from you on your use of AMP activities, and in particular any suggestions for improving the activities and teacher support materials.

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