Free teaching materials for AQA and OCR A2 Applied Science

Videos for Twenty First Century Science

Videos in the Applied Science modules

The Applied Science videos are integrated into the schemes of work and resources published by Oxford University Press for the Additional Applied Science course from OCR

Therefore if you buy the iPack for GCSE Additional Applied Science from OUP you will get all these videos as part of it. 

A1 Life care

  • Human performance lab, Middlesex University: baseline assessment of a climber

A2 Agriculture and food

  • Longley Farm: milking cows, measuring growth rates, testing milk and making yogurt

A3 Scientific detection

  • Environmental Health in Haringey: food sampling and analysis to protect consumers
  • The National Gallery: using microscopy and chromatography to study paintings
  • The Environment Agency: investigating river pollution with indicator species and chemical tests.

A4 Harnessing chemicals

  • Agrochemicals Research Laboratory: synthesising and testing a new weed killer

A5 Communications

  • Ferraris Respiratory Europe Ltd: testing an electronic baby alarm

A6 Materials and performance

  • Rolls Royce: testing materials used in jet engines
  • National Physical Laboratory: measuring temperatures accurately