Free teaching materials for AQA and OCR A2 Applied Science

Scientific investigations: Getting started

Students choose, design and plan their own investigation (supports AQA Unit 7 and OCR Unit 8).

This resource contains:

  • A scientific investigation. Students identify the key features of a scientific investigation - STUDY SHEET 
  • Choosing an investigation. Students compile a list of possible investigations, then work up a project plan for one of them - STUDY SHEET 
  • Planning a scientific investigation. Students determine aims, design a ‘fair test’, decide what data they need, carry out a risk assessment and think about ethical issues. Finally they construct an action plan and checklist - STUDY SHEET 
  • Three factsheets covering data analysis and statistics. Background to statistics, Choosing a statistical test and Using Excel for descriptive statistics - SUPPORT MATERIALS

Download Scientific investigations: Getting started (PDF)