Free teaching materials for AQA and OCR A2 Applied Science

GCSE Applied Science videos

Classroom activities need to be linked to science-related workplaces. Students benefit from seeing science in action in real workplace contexts.

However, arranging site visits can be challenging. High-quality video material allows students to access a range of workplaces and makes obvious links between school practical work and the real thing. 

Video clips can illustrate career opportunities in science. They can also explore some of the social and regulatory contexts within which scientists work.

About the videos

The EBS Trust, together with Anna Grayson have produced a collection of video clips that show scientists working in different environments. Pupils watch a video related to their class work then answer questions or undertake activities based on what they have seen.

For example pupils watch an investigation of the tensile properties of a piece of material used in a jet engine, and then copy the process to investigate a strip of plastic film for themselves. They consider the differences between the equipment and procedures used in the two processes, and why industry often uses more sophisticated equipment. 

The videos reinforce the message that mastery of the basic skills of measurement and handling materials is essential for all techniques. 

Video availability

The videos are available in two different packages:

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The GCSE Applied Science videos were funded by SEP, the Gatsby Foundation's Science Enhancement Programme