Free teaching materials for AQA and OCR A2 Applied Science

About the videos

The video clips

The collections of video clips allow students to observe scientists working in a range of situations. Scientists, from technicians to researchers, are shown in a variety of science-based employment at ten different locations. 

Videos for learning

The video sequences show scientists at work. Students watch a video related to their class work. Then they answer questions or undertake activities, often mimicking a process or procedure seen in the video. 

Work related learning

Students may watch, for example, the investigation of the tensile properties of a piece of material used in a jet engine, and then copy the process to investigate a strip of plastic film for themselves. They consider the differences between the equipment and procedures used in the two processes, and why industry often uses more sophisticated equipment. 

The videos reinforce the message that mastery of the basic skills of measurement and handling materials is essential for all techniques. 

Insight into careers

The videos may encourage students to consider jobs and careers where science would be an important part of their work.

Video availability

The videos are available in two different packages: