Free teaching materials for AQA and OCR A2 Applied Science

About GCE A2 Applied Science

Teaching Applied Science

Applied Science is quite different from conventional academic science courses, and to teach it effectively you need to have its unique character clearly in mind. 

The best Applied Science teaching is techniques-led and mimics authentic and contemporary workplace practice. How scientists (and other practitioners) work underpins A-level Applied Science. This is distinct from GCSE Science and A-level Separate Science which are underpinned by how science works. 

These materials build on and clarify the guidance given by the Awarding Bodies. The resource does not provide full coverage of all units. However, it does contain much new material and new approaches. 

FREE A2 resources to download

See the list below of activities you can download, and what each one contains. Each activity includes:

  • Activity brief, which describes the tasks to be carried out.
  • Science at work, which sets the tasks in a vocational context.
  • A variety of work sheets and information sheets, which may be downloaded in PDF or Word format and printed for student use.
  • Teacher notes, which contain technical notes on the equipment and materials required, hints and suggested teaching strategies and references to other supporting resources.

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These resources were developed in partnership with 4science following work with the Advancing Applied Science teachers’ community. 

The project was made possible thanks to generous support from: