Angel Leung

Angel Leung completed her Nuffield Research Placement in 2011 at the University of Bath. She recently completed her degree at St. Mary's University.

What was your project about?

My project was on 'Hydrolysis of ibuprofenoyl –CoA and other 2-APA-CoA esters by human acyl -CoA thioesterases 1 and 2'.

What was the highlight/best bit of your placement?

The knowledge and skills I learnt and applied throughout the placement.

What was your least favourite part of the placement?

Working throughout the summer holiday, but it was worth it.

What path did you take after finishing your NRP and how has that led you to where you are today?

I went straight into University so the NRP helped with all my university application and interviews. Also knowing you can perform those high level lab skills before going to university definitely builds your confidence.

Did your Nuffield Research Placement have an effect on the choices that you made after finishing school/college/university?

Yes. After I did the placement, I wanted to apply for something lab-based. I remembered learning some A2 chemistry during my placement, but back then, I only did AS level, so the work helped me a lot during my A2 studies.

If you could give one piece of advice to Nuffield students about to start a placement what would it be?

Ask as many questions as you can and enjoy the placement.