About Science and Mathematics Education

Our aim is to explore new approaches to teaching and learning. We do this by developing, managing and supporting curriculum interventions. Our projects are frequently run in partnership with others.

Our work is part of the Foundation's aim to improve social well-being. Our projects aim to be innovative, practical, generalisable and reflective.

Areas of interest
Our main areas of interest at the moment are science and mathematics. We are keen to explore the creative use of ICT to support teaching and learning in these fields.

Our main partner is the Science Education Group at the University of York. Projects with York include Twenty First Century Science, Salters-Nuffield Advanced Biology and Science in Society. 

Other partners include:

  • The Institute of Physics to develop the Practical Physics web site
  • The Royal Society of Chemistry and CLEAPSS to develop the the Practical Chemistry web site
  • The Society of Biology and CLEAPSS to develop the Practical Biology website
  • The Gatsby Science Enhancement Programme (SEP) to develop resources for teaching Science Learning Skills

We collaborate wtih teachers and researchers across the UK to deliver our projects. We work with publishers and, where appropriate, awarding bodies, to share the best of current thinking with schools and colleges.

Project teams offer a high level of user support by working closely with teachers, lecturers, advisers and trainers. Projects have their own networks to keep in close touch with pioneering centres, to disseminate the ideas of the project, and to help teachers.