Work placements

The 15 Q-Step Centres have worked hard to build upon existing partnerships with organisations and also to build new partnerships in order to create work placement opportunities for their social science undergraduates.  

By giving students the opportunity to see for themselves how quantitative analysis is used professionally, work placements provide them with an invaluable experience. Students will be able to put theory acquired on their degree courses into practice, and their experience will inform their career choices, which might even include working for their host organisation. 

For organisations, mentoring a Q-Step student could be a development opportunity for your staff – enabling them to develop their management skills. 

Students from four Q-Step Centres successfully completed their 2014 work placements over the summer. Follow the links below to find out about the organisations involved and watch students, Q-Step lecturers and organisations discuss the benefits of participating in their work placements.  

These four Centres will again be offering their students 2015 placements, as will the majority of the Q-Step Centres:

  1. Manchester Metropolitan Q-Step Centre and watch participating students discuss their work placement experiences
  2. Manchester University Q-Step Centre and watch participating students and organisations discuss their experiences
  3. Queen's Belfast Q-Step Centre
  4. Oxford University Q-Step Centre

For more information on hosting a Q-Step work placements, please see our FAQ for host employers.

If your organisation is interested in partnering with any of our 18 Q-Step Centres/Affiliates, please do get in touch with one of our Q-Step Coordinators to discuss further.