What we do NOT fund

We do not fund:
  • ongoing costs or the costs of ‘rolling out’ existing work or services, or core funding;
  • contributions to general appeals for pooled funding;
  • the establishment of academic posts;
  • attendance at, or support for, conferences and seminars (other than to disseminate or build on work we have previously funded);
  • the production of films or videos, or for exhibitions (unless they form part of a project that is otherwise acceptable);
  • capital or building costs;
  • projects focused on the purchase of equipment (we will meet the costs of equipment when they are part of a project that is otherwise acceptable);
  • local charities, replacement for statutory funding, or local social services or social welfare provision;
  • advocacy or campaigning work;
  • projects led by schools, undergraduates or masters students;
  • PhD fees or projects where the main purpose is to support a PhD;
  • projects led by individuals unaffiliated to any particular organisation;
  • school or higher education fees, or other course fees;
  • gap year projects;
  • requests for financial help from or on behalf of individuals; or
  • projects in the areas of animal rights or welfare, arts, conservation, heritage, housing, the environment, medical or health services, museums, religion or sports and recreation.
Non-UK applications

We do not usually make research and innovation grants to organisations based outside the UK and do not usually fund projects whose focus is outside the UK. However, we welcome applications from UK based organisations to carry out collaborative projects involving overseas partners, especially where these have a capacity building dimension, or which provide useful comparators for UK experience in our areas of substantive interest.