A suite of GCSE science courses developed in partnership with the University of York

Entry level assessment

Assessment is the responsibility of OCR.

Can-do tasks and short tests give regular feedback which motivates students to work up to the completion of the 30 topics needed for the highest Entry Level award.

Teachers are directly involved in the assessment of their own students. There is no terminal exam, and assessment by OCR will be by means of a combination of short End-of-Item tests, a basic study of a science topic, 'can-do' tasks and basic data analysis. All assessment is centre-based at times determined by the centre, and is supervised by the candidate’s own teacher with OCR moderation.

The course is designed to be used as an alternative to GCSE. However, there is a deliberate linking of the assessment of activities to the mark descriptions of similar skills assessment in OCR GCSE Twenty First Century Science suite and OCR GCSE Gateway Science suite. Some students can therefore be entered for the Foundation Tier of an OCR

For OCR specification, past papers and mark schemes, coursework guidance and more see our guide to the OCR website.

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