A suite of GCSE science courses developed in partnership with the University of York

The courses

Twenty First Century Science is a suite of GCSE courses. This curriculum is designed to offer flexibility and genuine choice to meet the diverse interests and aspirations of students. This is explained in more detail in the rationale.

The courses making up the Twenty First Century Science suite are:

GCSE Science

GCSE Additional Science

Triple Science (GCSE Biology, GCSE Chemistry, GCSE Physics)

Everyone studies the Science course which leads to one GCSE grade. Additional Science leads to a second GCSE grade. These two courses taken together prepare students for progression to study AS and A-levels in the sciences. Triple Science builds on Science and Additional Science to provide three separate GCSEs.

OCR GCSE Additional Applied Science has also been developed by the Twenty First Century Science Project Team and can be offered by schools using Twenty First Century Science. This course meets the needs of students who wish to develop their understanding through authentic, work-related contexts. The course focuses on procedural and technical knowledge underpinning the work of practitioners of science. Students study eight modules. Each module examines how an important part of science is applied in contemporary life. Taken alongside GCSE Science it provides a good basis for progressing to a range of technical, pre-vocational and vocational courses involving science.

OCR Entry Level Science is for students who, for a variety of reasons, are not ready to start a GCSE Science course at the age of 14. This course can be offered by schools using Twenty First Century Science. Some students will then move on to the GCSE courses. The course consists of 39 short topics ('Items') with an emphasis on hands-on practical work. They are equally divided between biology, chemistry and physics. Each Item takes about five hours. It has a more flexible approach than GCSE courses because it does not have to conform to GCSE criteria. The emphasis is on positive achievement through the realisation of short-term goals.