Nuffield Mathematics teaching resources are for use in secondary and further education

Using Nuffield Mathematics resources with FSMQs

FSMQs are part of the National Qualifications Framework in England and are used outside the traditional GCSEs, AS and A levels (hence the Free-Standing). FSMQs are available at three levels and are offered by two awarding bodies, AQA and OCR. A typical FSMQ requires 60 guided learning hours.

FSMQs are designed to appeal to post-16 students but are also suitable for students across a wider age-range. The Use of Mathematics FSMQs are accredited by Ofqual for all age groups.


AQA FSMQs are available at all three levels and support applying mathematics and statistics across a range of subjects. Each FSMQ focuses on a particular area of mathematics, such as Finance, Shape and Space, Statistics, and Calculus. They can be taken separately, or certain combinations can build to broader Level 2/3 qualifications in AS level Use of Mathematics, which carries UCAS points.

AQA have decided to discontinue Level 1 (Foundation) and Level 2 (Higher) FSMQs. The last exams for students taking the current qualification will be in the June 2018 series. 

Schemes of work linking to the relevant Nuffield Mathematics resources are available for AQA FSMQs.


OCR offers two FSMQs designed to complement study in other subjects.

  • The Advanced FSMQ, Additional Mathematics, is worth UCAS points for university admissions, and introduces students to the power and elegance of advanced mathematics.
  • The Intermediate FSMQ, Foundations of Advanced Mathematics (MEI), is designed to provide access to AS/A Level GCE Mathematics for those not yet ready to take them.