Adapting National Numeracy’s Challenge Check-Up for Q-Step students

Many students beginning Q-Step degrees and modules are nervous about their numerical abilities and want to know more about ‘where they are now’ and how they might improve. In light of this, we have commissioned National Numeracy to work with Q-Step Centres to investigate the options for developing a reliable, common platform for benchmarking students’ numerical abilities and facilitating their progression.

National Numeracy is an independent charity working to help raise low levels of numeracy and to promote the importance of everyday maths skills. It provides a free web-based tool – Challenge Check-Up– that provides a confidential assessment of the user’s everyday maths skills and identifies the areas that need working on. Working with Q-Step Centres across the UK, National Numeracy will develop a version of the Check-Up tool that will:

  • Benchmark numeracy levels and attitudes to numeracy.
  • Signpost students to tailored learning.
  • Reassess numeracy levels and attitudes after learning has taken place, to measure improvement and the effectiveness of different interventions.
  • Learn and adapt resources for roll-out to other HE locations.

The project will last for 12 months and will focus initially on the Q-Step Centres at the University of Bristol and Manchester Metropolitan University.